Bird Coloring Pages for Kids

Cow bird coloring page             Owl Coloring Page            Peacock coloring page              Crane coloring page

Here, you will find bird coloring pages to print and color. They all print at 8.5×11″.
How long do birds live?
Can they speak?
Do you know any bird songs?
How about any sports teams named after a bird?
Did you know every state has a state bird?
With over 10,000 species of birds, we would have a very hard time listing them all for you to color, but we managed to make some available. We feed our birds every other day in front of our house. It’s fun to watch them eat and they spit seeds out if they do not like them. We hope you enjoy the bird coloring pages!

Bird Coloring Pages: Tweeting The Fun Away!

You can see them everywhere. Most of the time, they are freely soaring the vastness of the sky. At times, you see them hiding beneath tall trees, seemingly enjoying the shade from the leaves. Some are present in forests, some enjoy tip-toeing the stillness of lakes and rivers. Yes, they are none other than lovely birds.

Birds became objects of wonders among many, due to having the power of flight. Kids truly marvel at the very sight of birds flapping their wings. Since this has become a topic of curiosity among children, don’t you think having these birds in front of their very eyes will make their days extra adventurous and special?

Bird coloring pages aim to help children discover the great amazement that birds reverberate. These coloring pages present birds in their proudest journey, birds which exemplify boundless energy, birds in tree houses, birds with their families, birds that display their might against the wind, and more. From all these selections, your kids will surely enjoy a lot of options to choose from!

These coloring pages also help your kids gain mental and creative skills through the many functions that they serve. They aid in your kids’ discovery of new things, while expanding their creative skills with the choices and strokes your child executes as he colors.

Do you know what the best part is? You get to see your kid indulge in his own version of fun and enjoyment, within the comfort of your house! No need to spend on family moments at malls or amusement parks. With these bird coloring pages, family and learning time is never far away from your home or your budget!


Whats in Your Bird Cage?

by Fabian

Animal and Child-Safe Stains and Paints for Home Projects
If you know anything about paints and dyes, then you know that until they are cured and sealed, the vast majority of both are dangerous and unsafe for use around food items. You should also know that you should never assume an animal or child won’t put something in their mouths. In fact, it is safer to assume that they will put it in their mouths. This is why I suggest the use of food-based dyes, paints, and stains when doing home projects with your children, or for use around animals. Here are some suggestions for how to do this:

The first thing you may want to look into is the use of natural food coloring. These are available in a variety of colors that you may never find in food naturally and they are edible. Start with a light wood, like white pine, and the colors will come through more vibrantly. This is great for items like wooden blocks, birdhouses, and wooden bird cages.

A more rustic alternative is the use of fruit and vegetable juices, like beet juice. Beet juice has been used for hundreds of years as a natural dye and beets are almost universally safe for animals and children alike. There is a very low chance of them presenting any kind of reaction.

These dyes are great for wood, but they really don’t help in regards to items like modern, metal birdcages that will not take dye. In general, your best bet with items like this is to leave the metal bare. Especially with birds, assume that they are going to chew on the bars and peel off any paint that you apply to them. Paint that will stick to metal is never safe for consumption. There are some PVC-coated cages that come in white and you can dye the PVC.
Wee Can Too is an amazing company, which created a whole line of natural and edible paints and other art supplies for use with animals and young children. These are not going to adhere to metal, but they will give you a stronger color than a stain will. These are also designed to be gluten-free and very allergy safe, by using natural plants and ingredients that you would find in the kitchen.




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