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Download 25 of our best kitten and cat sheets to color. Cuddly cute cats and kittens; they are furry, fluffy, and fat. Kitten coloring pages are a great way to share the color of your cat.
Do you have a skinny cat?
A fluffy pete?
Maybe your cat has blue eyes?
What color is your poppy?
Speaking of color, why not color a cat today with our cat coloring pages?

Enjoy the free pages!

Kitten Coloring Pages: Meowing the Fun All the Way

Yes, they are friendly, gentle, sweet, and delicate. Who would not love them when they purr and cuddle onto your feet? Indeed, it’s none other than the attack of the cats! Cats have become a favorite pet for all, mainly due to the fact that they reverberate tenderness and serenity. It is no wonder why cat coloring pages seem to proliferate the Internet today, as a means of online enjoyment for your kids, who love and adore these cute and mellow animals.

Cat pages to color serve as great means for your child to discover his many abilities – emotional, intellectual, creative, and decision-making. They provide kids with better emotional development of your child, as the fun coloring activity becomes a springboard, from which you guide and assist him personally; thus, building a closer relationship you can enjoy in the comfort of your home!

Your child’s intellectual prowess is also developed, as he recognizes the many wonderful breeds and features of cats all over the world. He gets to learn their habiat, their practices, and their relationship with the environment, which he will discover with your supervision. He will acquire new ideas, while enjoying the fun at the same time.

The creativity skills of your child also develop, as he gets the chance to play with colors – mixtures and blends. He will have his own version of how cats appear; thus, giving his imagination the chance to expand and grow further.

Lastly, your child’s decision-making skills are broadened by his choice of colors, strokes, and movements. He will be able to do this all, because you are there to guide him. Your weekends would no longer have to mean costly times in the mall, at the movies, or in arcade because with cat pages, you get all the family and fun time you need, within your budget and humble home!

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