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Here, you will find lots of cute printable coloring pages of puppies. Puppies are great coloring fun and everyone loves them. Look at all of the amazing pictures below.
How about a puppy coloring page? They are much easier to keep up with and everyone loves a cute pup!

Puppies Coloring Pages: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Old MacDonald had a farm and on it he had lots of pups!

Oh, yes! People of all ages love dogs and puppies. Like the flow of human nature, we are all inclined to the ‘younger’ ones. Don’t we love seeing babies from their birth, up to their toddler years? Having this as an example, the same thing definitely goes for dogs. Don’t we adore puppies and all the fun actions they do, which would surely make our day?

Having said all that, it’s with great delight that these pages are offered to your kids, so family day will no longer mean having to spend money on arcade games, movies, and food. With these coloring pages, your kids will surely enjoy the comfort of being at home, while having their share of art and pleasure with cool pictures that depict the seemingly scary Belgian Shepherd dog, cute Bolognese, funny looking Boston Terrier, Labrador retrievers, Dachshunds, and a lot more. With what these coloring pages present, your children will surely have the grandest time of their lives!

What are the benefits of these puppy coloring pages to your kids?

Puppies coloring pages also aid in the development of your kid’s mental, emotional, creative, and decision-making skills. Where he gets to familiarize himself with the different looks and breeds of dogs, his mental capacity expands. Where he gets the quality time to spend with you, his emotional intelligence becomes formidable. Where he combines colors and judges combinations, his decision-making skills and creative skills strengthen.

With these and other animal coloring pages, it will be no wonder if you see your kid’s potentials gaining higher ground! Imagine achieving all these things, within the comfort of your home!



With these free cartoon puppy coloring pages, you can print out an entire coloring book full of lovable puppies in various situations and adventures.

So Why Color Puppies? It Could Be Worse!

Believe us, it can be a lot worse. You simply won’t believe what some people think is an appropriate topic or subject for children to color. Here are some outrageous examples:

  • Axis Leaders of WWII. Yep, someone really thought that they can teach WWII history by getting in children to color the illustrations of Adolf Hitler (with the swastika prominently drawn nearby) along with Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito.
  • Toxic Waste. Nobody is saying that the Environmental Protection Agency is not a good thing, but someone actually thought to introduce the wonders of the EPA to kids by getting them to color in the EPA mascot called Storm Drain Dan! And of course, the coloring book even had instructions such as “Color the polluted town!”
  • Violent Bible scenes. While there are some very lovely passages in the bible, other passages may not be suitable for very you minds. For example, some well-meaning religious folks actually published a Bible coloring book that featured the 10 plagues of Egypt during the time of Moses. These plagues included incurable boils, just in case you forgot!

Let’s Get Back to the Puppies!

So all in all, the idea of coloring in puppies sure does seem like a wonderful idea, doesn’t it? They’re cute, wholesome, and adorable. And they can be used by every family regardless of creed, culture, or political affiliation.

Each of these pics of puppies can be downloaded for free. You can download all the illustrations and you just need to print them to form the coloring book pages of your own.

1. Puppy and sun.

This one features a cute puppy sitting up with an adorable smile, wide eyes, and an ear slightly raised. He seems in a very cheerful mood, and the sun background offers an interesting backdrop. Now with these puppy coloring page you can even show your kids what it means when people say that someone has a “sunny disposition”.

Fun fact: Pups don’t open their eyes until they’re 9 to 12 days old.

2. Spotted puppy with bones.

This cute puppy with bones at his feet sure seems happy with his toy bones. Emphasize that these are toy bones in these puppies coloring pages, however, because not all dogs may benefit from real bones. This gives your kids something in common with the puppy, which makes them more able to empathize.

Fun fact: Dogs need more to eat than just meat! Also, Spot is a great name for a dog.

3. Pups on grassy field with clouds in the sky.

Here you can teach your kids about how clouds are usually white and how grass us usually green. With is smile showing how great it is to be outdoors, your children may also associate fun with outdoors. That’s great considering how many kids like to stay indoors with their video games these days!

Fun fact: It’s not really true that dogs don’t see color. They can, but the colors just don’t appear as vivid as they do to people. Your kid can appreciate the colors on the cute puppy coloring pages more than the pups ever will.

4. Pup with balloons.

The balloons give your kids more possible colors to use for the printable pictures. Now you can get them to use purple, gold, silver, and red colors, which don’t exactly feature often in most puppy coloring pictures.

Fun fact: When a puppy celebrates his first birthday, it’s no longer considered a puppy. It’s now an adult!

5. Pups in tall grass.

Puppies like playing games, which makes them very much kids realize how much they’re like children too. They like to give chase and fetch toys and the outdoors offer a lot of very intriguing new smells for dogs.

Fun fact: Puppies can only smell things after three weeks after being born. It is actually the sense of touch that is the first sense that pups use after being born. But once a pup develops their sense of smell, they can smell things 1,000 times better than a person can. As they get older, it may become more than 100,000 times stronger than a person’s sense of smell.

6. Puppy with spider.

Lots of children are afraid of spiders, and kids may be concerned about how the puppy feels and empathize with their situation. You can tell your kids that like children, puppies and dogs can also be afraid of certain things.

Fun fact: The most common fears of dogs include fireworks, thunder, and being left alone. Some dogs are afraid of going to the vet, others are afraid of riding in a car, and puppies who never encountered a set of stairs while growing up maybe afraid to get up or go down a flight of stairs.

7. Puppy and fence.

The winsome pup is smiling while behind a fence, so your kids may also subconsciously respect the idea of fences and limits. This also reinforces the lesson for kids that even puppies don’t get out of the house anytime they want.

Fun fact: In the US, more than 1 in 3 families own a dog!

8. Puppies inside the house.

The puppy is smiling even though he’s inside, and this picture teaches kids that it’s also ok to come inside when mommy and daddy says so. Good pups are obedient pups who obey their owners.

Fun fact: Dogs feel submissive to anyone they consider their superior in their pack. You should get your children to help take care of the pup, so that the dog learns to consider the kids as their superiors as they pups grow older and bigger.

There are more puppy coloring pages to choose from here, but why choose at all? Why not just download all the 25 puppy pictures to color, and make a great coloring book of your own? Then you can display their work on the fridge, which gives your kids a sense of accomplishment—plus you have a nice picture in the end! And as a bonus, you also teach your kids to love puppies, which is great for their development!

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